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Has this VN been abandoned?


Not at all :) we're finishing up on backgrounds and the coding! It's my first game so I'm a little slow, my apologies!

Oh, it's good to know that this project hasn't been abandoned. Can't wait to see what the next update will bring! :) 


Yeah, I'm so sorry too! Life has been pretty busy but the final project will be completely worth the wait!!!! :D

Awesome! I finished the demon and was wondering there would be more. Looking forward to your next update!


I'm wondering how the project is coming along? The last updates/comments here were several months ago.


Considering that the last time I've heard from my "team" was back in September I think it's safe to say that the project is abandoned.

A shame really. But if you want to see the final CGs - they are available on my twi @naughty_po


wtf i love it? dude you art is good.... and wow

=D thank you so much! Pau and Thug do great work ^_^ 


Liked what I've seen. This VN has promise, can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work! :)


Thank you so very very much!! =D We have lots of fun story planned so we will definitely keep working on it!! 


Good to know. Do you have planned to include NSFW in the VN? 


Indeed we do :) there will be NSFW scenes in the VN!

Oh, can't wait to see that!